Question: Should I master my recording?

Answer: If you want to level the playing field between you and established artists then YES.

Mastering is the final step in the recording process and perhaps the most important. It is the art by which special processing is applied to polish and enhance the overall sound. Every major and indie label release is mastered to prepare it for online streaming, radio play and retail sale. An un-mastered product will sound dull, softer and less impressive.
Below are a few of the tools Debonaire uses during mastering:
  • Fade In's and Fade Out's
  • Frequency Analysis and Correction
  • Noise Reduction or Removal
  • Compression/Limiting
  • Stereo Expansion
  • Equalization
Whether you've recorded in a bedroom or in a big studio, when it’s time for mastering, Debonaire’s experience and skill will provide the final professional touches to your recordings.

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Worldwide Mastering Services

Out of town or international clients can easily obtain mastering services by uploading their audio files to Debonaire. Once the mastering process is complete, we will upload the final files to our Dropbox account and email you a link for download. For those who prefer an audio CD, this can also be shipped by mail. Convenient payment through Paypal is accepted. Satisfaction guarantee.